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Setup child name servers for your domain
Posted by on 12 May 2014 08:11 PM

Setting up child name servers sounds complex but we'll make it quick and simple for you. So let's start:

  1. Login you your account

  2. You will now see a page that lists all purchases made by you on our system

  3. Click on the domain name for which you'd like to setup child name servers

  4. In the Domain Registration section, click on "Child Name Servers"

  5. Enter the Host Name for your child name server For example - (You’ll need to add atleast 2 name servers)

  6. Enter the IP address of your hosting server

  7. Click Add More to add more Child Name Servers 

    Incase you’re hosting with another provider :(, you’ll need to contact your hosting provider to help you setup your DNS

    That’s it folks, you’re done, we told it wasn't that difficult.
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