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Outgoing email delay on shared server
Posted by on 08 December 2021 03:20 PM
We are having an issue with the email service on some of our Shared Linux hosting due to which there is some delay in outgoing emails. We are actively working on it to restore the services.

Please watch this space for further updates.

 Update 13/12/2021:

Our resolver teams are still working on to fix the issue , kindly wait for further updates .

Update 14/12/2021:

We are tweaking the mail server settings to fix the reported issue. We shall keep this updated with more details .


Update 15/12/2021:

Our system administrators continue to apply tweaks and take action against the spammers to fix the reported issue with delay in email deliveries.

 We apologize for the inconvenience caused and we appreciate your patience in this matter.

Update 16/12/2021:

 Dear Customer,

We've tweaked the email server settings and now the new emails sent from your accounts will be delivered without any issues. However, the emails sent prior to 24 hours or so will be processed slowly, and you might see delay in the delivery. 
Our server admins are monitoring the mail queue around-the -clock and taking required actions to expedite the delivery of the emails in the mail queue. 
We appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter
Please watch this forum space for further updates.