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Disabling Theft Protection for your Domain
Posted by on 02 April 2014 06:11 PM

To disable theft protection or to unlock your domain name, you need to know a few things before you proceed. Here they are:

A lock is placed on a domain in 2 circumstances:

  • 60-Day Transfer Lock – As per ICANN policy, domain names are locked with a registrar for a period 60 days from the date of purchase or transfer. During this period you cannot transfer your domain name to another registrar - this lock cannot be disabled.

  • Theft Protection – A domain name registered with us has a lock enabled on it by default which is called Theft Protection. This is to keep your precious domains safe from any unauthorized transfer. Here's how you can disable the existing lock over your domain name.

  1. Login to your account

  2. You will now see a page with all purchases made by you on our system

  3. Click on the domain name for which you want to disable the lock

  4. In the Domain Registration section, click on "Theft Protection"

  5. Select Disable and click on the button Update Theft Protection Status

Give it an hour or two for the changes to reflect. Post which a Whois check will show the the status of domain as ‘OK’, which means the lock has been removed.

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