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Issue accessing websites hosted on our Linux Shared hosting environment from Jio network
Posted by on 26 March 2019 05:49 PM

Recently, we received a few customer complaints where they were unable to access the Websites hosted on our server from Jio network.

We have analyzed the TRACEROUTE result that was shared by our customers and we can infer that the connection is not going to the public network from JIO's private Network.

Below mentioned is an example of TRACEROUTE results from JIO and another ISP provider where we can access the websites:

This traceroute result is a clear indication that Jio has blocked the connections.

What can you do to resolve the issue?

1. Please check the domain from a different ISP and make sure that they are working on other ISP provider network.
2. Please check the PING and TRACEROUTE to the domain.
How to do PING and TRACEROUTE::
3. Create a Support ticket with Jio with the traceroute & ping results and ask for more information on the block.

Our network team is also trying to get in touch with the Jio support teams to get more information on the issue. We will share more details in case we get an update from the Jio team.