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cPanel X3 Theme Deprecation
Posted by on 27 March 2017 05:41 PM

 The cPanel has deprecated the x3 theme and new updates won’t be available for the same. You can read more about the deprecation of the x3 theme from the following cPanel blogs :-

As a result, we will be changing the theme of all accounts hosted on our servers to Paper Lantern. In case you prefer using the x3 theme, Paper Lantern has a Retro style feature which gives you the same appearance as x3.
Points to be noted :
  • If you are still using x3 as the default theme for your accounts, please switch over to Paper Lantern before 15th of April, 2017. However if the server in which your account is hosted is scheduled for any cPanel upgrades (before 15th April, 2017) then it will automatically change the theme to Paper Lantern. So, it would be advisable to make this switch at the earliest.
  • Once the theme is changed to Paper Lantern, it will not be possible to revert back to x3.
  • All customizations related to x3 theme would be lost and you need to perform the same customizations after changing the theme to Paper Lantern.
Steps to change the theme in reseller WHM panel :
  • Login to reseller WHM panel
  • Select ‘Edit a package’
  • Change the theme of the package to paper_lantern (This will update the theme for all associated accounts with the package)
Steps to change the theme in cPanel :
  • Login to your cPanel
  • Select ‘Change Style’ option
  • Change it to Paper Lantern theme
Note : If you are already using Paper lantern then you are not affected due to this. Please ignore this message.
If you need any further clarifications, please contact our support team.