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CMS Vulnerability Alert
Posted by on 23 January 2017 03:46 PM

Dear Customer,

As per the recent server scan , we have identified many files with infections. For which the files have been disabled and port 80 has been blocked.

Request you download the infected files by changing the permission to 644 and remove the infections and re-upload the files.

Log into cPanel>>>File manager>>>Right click on the file “Change permission”, change the permission “644” and download the file to local machine.

After performing the above action login to cPanel and unblock port 80.

Note: To prevent the same in the future please follow the below steps:

1. Keep your CMS applications, themes and plugins updated
2. Use the “Virus Scanner” tool in cPanel and scan the entire home directory frequently.
3. If your website is not working, please check the “Port 80” feature in your cPanel and check for possible infections. If Port is blocked, please contact a developer to clean the files and upload.