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Intermittent login issue with Business email
Posted by on 08 March 2016 08:39 AM

We have figured out the issue which you are facing with webmail access or account on your email client such as Outlook is from the ISP itself


You can confirm the same by checking the results by running following commands :


For Windows : Start -> Run -> cmd (press enter) -> ping   (replace your domainname)

For Linux users  : Go to Terminal -> ping   (replace your domainname)

For Mac Users : Go to Terminal -> ping   (replace your domainname)


If you receive an error like the following, your ISP is not able to resolve your domain name.

Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again


Solution : 

Since this issue is at the ISP level, we request you to kindly report the same to your ISP using your registered email id and user id. They should immediately fix the same for you.

Another alternative solution is to update your resolver to a public DNS :


On Windows :

1.Go to "Network Connections":


2.Double click the connection you want to set DNS resolution against(usually Local Area Connections if you're using the wire to get online):

3.Click "Properties", later double click "Internet Protocal Version 4(TCP/IPv4)

4).Then in the prompted window, click "Advanced", later switch to "DNS" tab of that window

5).Check box "Append these DNS suffixes(in order)", and click "Add". And then enter the suffix in want to add,

6) After this, click Add, then "OK" and close all other opened ones.


On Linux

1. Open file /etc/resolv.conf and update Nameservers as



1) Open terminal, and run command like the below,


networksetup -setdnsservers ISP (ISP - Network name)


Once the nameserver is updated, you should be able to access our webmail properly. Please contact our support team in case if you need assistance on the same.




We have found out that login issues are being encountered by our clients on webmail. The customers using MTNL as their internet service providers may face intermittent issue.



This issue has been escalated to our Server Administration team and they are working on it on top priority. We will keep posting updates here.


Please keep an eye on this thread for further updates.