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How to regain access to your BigRock account?
Posted by on 30 September 2014 05:32 PM

If your account was registered by one of your Ex-employees or a Website developer who did not share the details about your BigRock account with you, here’s how you can verify ownership and regain access:

Before you proceed, you need to check if your name or company name is listed on  WHOIS(Registrant contact) for your domain. Click here for more details on WHOIS .

Case 1: You’re the Owner(Registrant contact) but the BigRock account is registered in the name of an Ex-employee or a Website developer:

You may first contact your Ex-employee or Website developer and check with them for the Bigrock account details. If they are unable to assist for any reason, drop a mail to [email protected] reporting the issue, so that our team can investigate.

Case 2:You’re contacting on behalf of the Owner:

If your name does not show on WHOIS or customer account details but you're a part of the organisation or newly appointed webmaster, you will have to prove your association to the Owner/Organisation by sending an email to our compliance team on [email protected] with the following details :

  1. Photo Id Proof of Owner-Registrant (Driving License, Passport etc...)
  2. Registrant Company Proof (e.g. : Incorporation certificate)
  3. An authorization Letter from the Registrant stating that the complainant has approached us on his behalf.

Once we have received the above documents from your end, our team will move ahead grant you access to your account.

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