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Emergency policy update on our Windows shared hosting servers
Posted by on 29 August 2014 02:11 PM

We identified a security threat on our infrastructure that was being used by spammers to relay mails sent via scripts. Vulnerable CMS applications, plugins and scripts were the main culprit as they could bypass ASSP filters that are put in place for users. So we have changed the port to 2525 for the mails sent via scripts. Now all the mails sent using web scripts will be routed via port 2525 instead of port 25. You have to change it to port 2525 in your scripts only if the port number is explicitly mentioned in your scripts or hardcoded in the website. If you haven't mentioned any port number in the mail scripts then you do not have to make any changes as this change will not have any impact.

This change will ensure that only genuine mail is being sent out of the server thereby positively affecting the reputation of our IP address space. Rest assured, if your mail adheres to globally accepted standards, you will not be affected in any way.

Please feel free to contact our support helpdesk in case you have any queries. We apologize for the inconvenience caused due to this.