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Introduction to SiteLock
Posted by on 29 July 2014 05:16 PM

Sitelock is an amazing cloud based tool for protecting your website from online threats. It works as an early detection tool for malicious code and script that could infect your hosting or even hack your website. What’s even better is that not only will it detect potential threats but also help fix loopholes in your website code (y)

Some Cool Sitelock

  1. Creates a firewall to restrict any kind of malware intrusion.
  2. Scans your website for Malicious code or vulnerabilities.
  3. Auto fix malware affected code or remove it.
  4. Ensures security to databases.
  5. Monitors for blacklisting of the domain on search engines or for emails.
  6. Boost website speed by providing CDN-content distribution system(fetches website components from the nearest server to your location).

If you're ready to step up your website’s security, check out our plan details here.

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